Thursday, October 15, 2009

Business is booming for legal clinic


"Fledgling entrepreneurs and some Queen's University law students can agree on one thing:
Business is booming in Kingston.

The newly established Queen's Business Law Clinic provides legal advice -- free of charge -- to small, start-up and not-for-profit businesses in the city. A four-month pilot project last winter was so successful, the clinic will now be a year-round operation.

'The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Kingston,' said Professor Peter Kissick, director of the law clinic.

'I was surprised by how sophisticated the files are, from software to carpentry businesses. There's a wide variety of things going on.'"

Read the whole article here.

These kinds of clinics are essential, not only for access to justice, but also access to legal information for those who cannot afford a retainer for a lawyer, or who are just starting to do the legwork for their start-up business, or a legal transaction or action. Good stuff! Congratulations on your success so far law clinic law students! We appreciate you.

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