Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Soldier does battle in courtroom

January 21, 2009 - by Matt Driscoll

"Jason Morische is a true man of action.

When he isn’t busy putting away the bad guys in court, he’s taking it to them on the battlefield.

Raised in Bracebridge, Morische is a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto and an officer with the Canadian Forces.

'My common joke is that I defend the constitution and the charter in two different ways,' quipped Morische last week on his way to trial.

The 37-year-old is currently preparing to take part in a mission to Afghanistan later this year, although he can’t reveal exactly when.

'I’m a little nervous but I’m confident in the training we receive in the Canadian Forces, and I’m confident in the soldiers I’m going with,” said Morische. 'I’m very much aware of the dangers … but it’s as good a situation as you could hope for.'"

This is a really interesting and inspiring story. Read the whole thing at Bracebridge Examiner.


Davis Bigelow said...

Jason definitely sounds like a man of action! It's nice to see "true patriot love" radiate out from the heart and into the fray. I expect Jason Morische will do us proud! Thanks Jason!

Anonymous said...

In the article it says "When he isn’t busy putting away the bad guys in court, he’s taking it to them on the battlefield."

But it says that he is a criminal defense lawyer not a prosecutor...

I think it should read something like this "When he's not busy keeping guys out of jail, he's busy invading other countries in order to pillage them."

You should read "The crimes of the neoliberal rule in occupied Iraq" by Dave Whyte.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed.