Monday, March 10, 2008

New Yellowpages Ad for Letourneau Law

The 2008 Yellow Pages came out today. My firm tried something totally different this year. We focussed our advertising on two areas of law. The ads are below:

My wife came up with the slogan below. I thought it was pretty funny, and my test subjects thought so too.

We tried to make the message really simple, with lots of white space, and a very clear message. We wanted to stand out from the other ads, which tend to be busy.

Let me know what you think. Thanks. I'll let you know if they prove to be successful or not.

This is one of the really fun parts about a personal practice - it's one big experiment, day after day.

New residence planned for Osgoode students

Written by Renata Valz, Production Associate, Excalibur online
Wednesday, 5 March 2008
Some students protest residence relocation

York University will be implementing a housing initiative next academic year that will provide a dedicated residence community for Osgoode students.

The new initiative came after Patrick Monahan, dean of Osgoode Hall Law School, did a tour of six American law schools in the fall as part of a renovation plan for Osgoode.

“In the process of those meetings, we realized that a number of law schools had their own residence facilities for law students,” Monahan said.“We were told that this had proven to be a very attractive option for the students and that it had increased the acceptance rate of students accepting offers that were made by the school.”

Upon the dean’s return, he and his team investigated whether a dedicated law school residence would be feasible.

According to Monahan, consultation with students proved favourable.

“The students felt it would be a very desirable option.”

Read the whole article here.

New courtroom drama worth a look

As played by JuliannaMargulies in the newcourtroom drama Canterbury's Law , Elizabeth Canterbury is impulsive, impetuous and struggling with substance abuse and turmoil in her personal life. She burned through law school in recordtime, awhiz kidwith a bright future in front of her. Now, though, hardened by experience and disillusionment, she feels that future slipping away.

Canterbury's Law has terrific style. It's fast, fast, fast - jumping from frenzied image to frenzied image. There aremore moments in the first fiveminutes than there are inan entire hour of other courtroom dramas.

Anybody seen this new show? Read more about it in the Calgary Herald here.

Behold, UofT's new law school

When Toronto architect Siamak Hariri was looking for inspiration in designing a law school, he visited the esteemed campuses of Yale and Harvard, along with Columbia University and New York University, some of the top legal institutions in the U.S.

The research bore fruit, as his design was picked over two other firms today, in the bid to build the University of Toronto’s new $60-million law school.

Read the whole article here.

Boy passes law school exam

An eight-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a judge has passed a law school entrance exam, shocking Brazil's legal profession and prompting a federal investigation.

This is a really sweet little article that makes you wonder :).

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Updated online CANS / outlines

I haven't kept up as well as I should in tracking down law school outlines or CANS. Here's what I know about. I also have a bunch that I collected during my law school years, and I am happy to email them to you upon request.

UVic Law Student Resources—Student Outlines

Lots of first year and upper year CANS, updated yearly

Queen’s Law Students Outlines Site

This was by far the most comprehensive site, with the best quality CANS, in my opinion. However, as of this second edition, it can no longer be found on the Internet. You may want to do some work to track it down, because it was so great when I was in law school

University of Calgary—Women in Law


A large selection of first, second and third year CANS

UBC Law Students’ Association CANS

CANS used to be provided on an as-is basis. This was a very good site. However, as of this edition it no longer exists. Perhaps you can track it down with some work

Ed Chan—Outlines

Intended for University of Manitoba Students, but some very useful CANS for every law student

Melanie’s Law Notes

A few good sets of notes here

If you have any further sources, please let me know so that I can post them here.