Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An update on my life

I haven't written a personal post in some time. Here's the scoop:

I am a sole practitioner right now, searching desperately for a partner. I do not like working alone. At all. It's boring. Want to be my partner? I'm really fun to work with. Really.

I sold my publishing house. Now I can just be a lawyer. And an author. I am supposed to write another book soon. It's title is a secret. But, it should be good. It's non-fiction again. I'm also slowly working on a fiction book. That's a lot of fun, when I can get in the right mood.

I'm also supposed to be working on a book called A Practical Guide to Canadian Law Schools with another author. However, he might write the whole thing...we'll see how he does. It will be a great complement to my book. It will look specifically at each law school. It's a ton of work, I'm sure.

I'm helping my wife coach our girl's swimming team. I came up with a logo for it yesterday. I think it looks kind of cool. Being a swim coach is a lot more fun than being a lawyer, which means being a swim coach is really, really fun. (smile)

I am trying to stay away from my office as much as possible this summer, but it is hard because it is busy. Summer is always the busiest real estate time, and my firm does a lot of that work.

I miss law school. I miss taking off from life whenever I wanted to go run a few miles, hit the gym, or go swimming. But, I'm trying to do that as much as I can this summer. My assistants probably hate me for that. I am hoping to take some holidays in September.

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BA2LLB said...

Take the time to enjoy the summer weather and coaching your daughter's swim team. I hear winter in Alberta can be brutal.