Monday, June 16, 2008

LLB VS. JD - As it Happens - CBC

LLB VS. JD Duration: 00:05:23

MA. B.Sc.. MD. Ph.D. Those are just some of the letters graduates get to put after their name once they've completed a certain level of education. Well a certain set of letters are causing quite a controversy at the Queen's University Law School in Kingston, Ontario. Currently, law school graduates complete their LL.B. But Bill Flanagan, the dean of the law department, is urging that law graduates should actually receive a JD, or Juris Doctor, designation. Is it all just a bunch of BS? We reached Bill Flanagan at his office at Queen's University.

My wife heard this little story on the radio this morning. Might be worth listening to. I understand Calgary recently voted to adopt the JD rather than the LLB. I am still waiting for Alberta to follow suit so that I can exchange my degree...

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