Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A little heavier reading for while you are in class

Whether you are in your undergraduate classes or law school classes (although y'all are on summer break now), you might be interested in The Court. An initiative of Osgoode Hall Law School, The Court is a site where scholars, practitioners and other interested citizens can discuss the recent work of the Supreme Court of Canada.

From their About Us section:

"Student editors under the direction of a faculty supervisor solicit and write brief comments or informative notes about cases that the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear or has decided within the last two years or so. As well, we publish commentary on other aspects of the work of the Supreme Court. Readers are invited to submit responses to the commentary, engendering a lively exchange about current issues facing the SCC. We also encourage interested readers to apply to become “Friends of The Court” and submit commentary for publication.

In addition to the central blogging aspect, The Court offers resources about the Supreme Court and aims to become the premier online location for information about Canada’s highest court. We are constantly improving our collection and welcome suggestions and offers of relevant material."

I have read it for a while, and find it very interesting and enlightening, even though I am not that big on case law (i.e. it's not a personal hobby of mine to read it). Summaries are a lawyer's friend, although the really good lawyers seem to be the ones who can stand to read case law all night long, and quote it the next day in court :).

Oh, and I just noticed that the Editor-in-Chief is James Stribopoulos, Assistant Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, one of my favourite law professors (he taught me Criminal in first year law school at the University of Alberta Faculty of Law).

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