Monday, March 10, 2008

New Yellowpages Ad for Letourneau Law

The 2008 Yellow Pages came out today. My firm tried something totally different this year. We focussed our advertising on two areas of law. The ads are below:

My wife came up with the slogan below. I thought it was pretty funny, and my test subjects thought so too.

We tried to make the message really simple, with lots of white space, and a very clear message. We wanted to stand out from the other ads, which tend to be busy.

Let me know what you think. Thanks. I'll let you know if they prove to be successful or not.

This is one of the really fun parts about a personal practice - it's one big experiment, day after day.

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Omar Ha-Redeye said...

Looks good.

I've been saying that the public will increasingly turn to online directories to find an appropriate lawyer, instead of just the Yellow Pages.

Firms and private practitioners should be aware of this and develop on-line strategies.

Seems you're ahead of the curve in that regard.