Wednesday, February 06, 2008

University of Alberta Faculty of Law Graduate Buys Edmonton Oilers

I had forgotten that Daryl Katz was a graduate of the University of Alberta Faculty of Law. This little article from gives a brief bio. It was announced today that he bought the Edmonton Oilers for $200 million.

"Katz, who grew up in Edmonton, attended law school at the University of Alberta and built his family's local business into a multi-billion dollar empire in less than a decade.

"As for his reasons for wanting to buy the Oilers, Katz says... 'I was born in Edmonton, I live in Edmonton and I grew up here with the Oilers during the glory years. I want to own the Oilers because they are Edmonton's hockey team and because I think there is an opportunity, through the Oilers, to do great things for the city.'"

That's pretty cool. I wonder if he really is a "wonderful Edmontonian," as Gretzky is quoted as saying. Gretzky goes on to say, "I know he cares about the city and I think he would be a tremendous owner for the Edmonton Oilers."

He has also committed to contributing $100 million for the building of a new stadium, which should be a good thing for that city.

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