Monday, February 25, 2008

A Sweet Class-Action v. Chocolate

I heard about this case on CBC the other day, and was really interested to hear the interview with Tony Merchant. Did anyone else listen to that interview? He sure made class action suits sound glamorous, essential and the greatest tool towards social justice.

Taken from Law is Cool:

Eaten chocolate since February, 2004?

Chances are you have. And that might make you eligible for this class-action lawsuit against chocolate manufacturers.

Juroviesky and Ricci filed an action in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for violations of the Competition Act and provincial consumer protection acts against major chocolate producers.

CNW Group states,

The suit claims that the Defendants conspired to inflate the price of
their products by 5% or more at least three times during the Class Period, in
violation of a variety of statutes including the Competition Act, and the
various provincial Consumer Protection Acts. Chocolate sales in Canada in 2007 were approximately $1.4 Billion.

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