Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lawyer Gone Bad

Oh man, I am pissed!

Yesterday, I received my Macleans magazine. Title in yellow bold on the front cover: "Lawyers are Rats".

Then, on the same day, I received in the mail from Penguin Group a hardcover version of the book "LAWYER GONE BAD, MONEY SEX AND MADNESS IN CANADAS LEGAL PROFESSION" by Philip Slayton, along with a press release.

The article in the Macleans magazine is an interview with Slayton, a long-time lawyer, law professor and former law school dean. I read it when I got home, and I am not happy. Not happy at all.

I will provide more comments once I read the article again, and once I read the book.

I have no idea why I received the book. I never asked for it. I'm not sure if it is because I am a lawyer, because I subscribe to Macleans or because I am also involved in the publishing business.

I noticed that as of today, Sales Rank for this book is #26 in Books.

Apparently the Canadian Bar Association provided a response, and it was published in the August 13 issue of Macleans. Macleans has posted a response to their complaints. I think Macleans has its dates all mixed up, as it is only August 2 today...I need to read the response by the CBA and the counter-response by Macleans.

I'll comment more, believe me.


tom slade said...
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Unbelievable said...

Lawyer and Minister Michael Fortier said, about the big federal lawsuit launched to recover our stolen money from Groupaction, Lafleur Communication and others :

"We're going to continue to do what's necessary with our lawyers to try to recover all of the money that we believe we're owed," said Public Works Minister Michael Fortier. (Canadian Press, Wed Jun 27, 6:09 PM)

Now here is what Michael Fortier don't reveil and the taxpayers don't know :

a) PC Minister Michael Fortier, Ottawa, is the brother-in-law of one of the two senior associates of the law firm Pothier Delisle in Quebec and Montreal (recently transformed to Morency Associates), Me Pierre Delisle. (Me Delisle is married to ex-minister Margaret Fortier-Delisle in Charest’s government)

b) This same law firm Pothier Delisle is the one since March 2005 defending Groupaction Marketing Inc., Jean Brault, Gosselin Relations publiques Inc., and Groupaxion Nouveaux Médias Inc. , in the big Federal lawsuit. Minister Michael Fortier is fighting to recover 60,000,000$, while his brother-in-law, until September 2006, time at which he left suddenly his law firm, was and is fighting TO STOP Michael Fortier from recovering the stolen money ! (Quebec Superior Court Number 500-17-024768-056)

c) Moreover, Groupaction, Jean Brault, Lafleur Communication, Gosselin Relations Publique etc., as in the past, continue to have now their companies’ addresses at the exact address of Pothier Delisle (today Morency société d'Avocats), 500 Place d’Armes, suite 2420, Montreal. ( Registre des entreprises, )

It is very easy to verify the above information: all of this being accessible in public documents.


Anonymous said...

So your mad about what?

Wait until a major US publication redistributes the "lawyers are rats" McCleans article, which I believe will be in a matter of weeks.

For the many thousands of lawyers in Canada this exposure is well deserved, and for the rest of those lawyers who don't deserve to be called "rats" they are guilty of being manipulated by their own professional associations and law societies which are nothing more than an organized protection racket.

Sorry, but I am not mad.