Friday, July 27, 2007

TGIF - in Lawyer's terms

Man, Friday just couldn't come sooner this week! It's been really busy. Lots of new clients, a new Associate started at our firm, some really challenging files. I loved it a lot, but now I am really feeling it.

I have been working really hard on my running this summer. On June 29, I was in a 5K race. I did pretty good (28min:14sec). I came in 3rd in my age category, which made me feel kind of good. I had to stop a couple times to walk because I was overheating.

Today, I ran the same course, as if it were a race. I beat my previous time by a minute and 18 seconds. It felt great. My time was 26min:56sec. That's an 8:40/mile pace. Pretty good considering that in January of this year, I could not run faster than 13:00/mile, even if I was only going 0.5K. That's a pretty good improvement over 7 months.

I am training pretty hard for a 22K in September. I really am determined to finish it. I found out I have ITB Syndrome, which I have alleviated greatly through physiotherapy and with some straps that I put above my knees. I think this will be the trick towards finishing. The fitness is coming right along - I just have to remain pain free.

All of this has helped my practice greatly. Being in cardiovascular shape really does help with my office-endurance. I have lifted weights for years, and considered myself in shape, but not like I am now.

I am trying to lose about 5 lbs (I call them my articling year 5 lbs) and think this will allow me to tackle those hills in the Banff 22K in September.

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