Saturday, April 07, 2007

Big Business Beyond Bay Street: Abundant opportunities in Calgary are drawing young lawyers away from the ‘centre of the universe’

Way to go Calgary! Friday March 30th in Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Pamela Fieber writes:

Like many Ontario law school students, Julie Inch assumed she’d focus her career ambitions on Bay Street. Then she spent a summer in Calgary. “I loved it,” she says. “Once you work there, you will never want to leave. I loved the energy of Calgary.” Inch, now in her final semester at the University of Windsor, begins her articling year at Calgary law firm Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP this summer. "I didn’t even apply to Bay Street at all,” says Inch. “I had read up on the economic boom, and it just really made sense to go where the action is. There’s a lot of potential to be successful.”

It’s boom time in Calgary, and the big deals are flowing as fast as the oil and gas. That means good times for law firms — and good careers for those who want in on the action.

Read the full article here.

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