Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Residential School Case Aftermath

There's a fairly good (although somewhat biased) article on the controversy surrounding contingency based lawyer fees for the Canadian Residential School case here. If you are interested, there are quite a few articles on the subject, and especially on Mr. Tony Merchant and the Merchant Law Group. Tony and his firm stand to make the most out of the deal, and that has left a lot of Native people, as well as other lawyers and citizens in general pretty upset.


Anonymous said...


"Thousands for survivors, millions for lawyers"

Lawyers like Tony Merchant and there are far to many of them in Canada, need to understand that this behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Can no one do simple math??? $40M is 2% of $2B. How many lawyers do you know who will work for 10 years for a 2% fee???

Anonymous said...

The other side of this simple math analysis is verification of work done during a 10 year span, and Merchant Law Group cannot verify their claim.

I wonder why?