Monday, March 12, 2007

Part-time Law Studies

I received an email inquiry from a mother who wants to attend law school in Canada, but would like to do so on a part-time basis. She was afraid that this might not be possible.

This is a very possible and feasible option for some who attend law school in Canada. I had a friend who had two children while attending law school, and chose to reduce her last two years to a part-time schedule. It worked out great for her. She did very well in her classes, became the Editor-in-Chief of the law review, and managed her family time very well, considering. Although it took her a while longer than some of us, she ended up at the same destination.

The options for a part-time schedule were reduced once she got to the articling year, where part-time work just doesn't exist. Very few, if any, law firms would be open to this type of schedule, at least at the beginning. And, I believe that this would go against the requirements of the law society articling requirements.

But, by my friend's articling year, she had already spent a few years giving lots of time to her new children, and they were perhaps at an age where out-of-home childcare was a viable option.

So, part-time law school, no problemo.

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Essien said...

I'm seriously considering this Adam. For many reasons: $, time with kids, balance....we'll see. I'm 32 now, and getting out at 36 is hard enough to imagine. Any older and I could keep over before I get to practice.