Friday, March 16, 2007

Leading Partner

My wife gave me a great idea the other day. She said you really shouldn't try to be a Managing Partner for your law firm. You should try to be a Leading Partner. It was a small side comment on her behalf, but it has sent my mind on fire in many ways, both for my own practice/firm, but also for other law firms. Some of the major firms have CEO's, from my understanding, but I would venture to say that most firms have simply a managing partner, which is changed on a rotating basis.

I really like the idea of a business leader at a law firm, not unlike the President of a Corporation. Lawyers need real leaders to lead them towards success. A Leading Partner would not get himself dirty in the day-to-day operations. They would employ an office manager, who could be a lawyer or non-lawyer to do this. The Leading Partner would focus on business development, strategic partnerships, firm strategy, both growth and maintenance. Things like that.

For us smaller firms, I like the idea of taking on more of a leadership role - leading by example, and strategizing for future growth. This is really more my cup of tea when compared to administrative management. I hope one day to be able to lean more towards the leadership than the management, but it may take a while to make the complete transformation. In the meantime, I think it would be very healthy to at least take on more of a leadership mindset, and put more of my brainpower towards building the business, encouraging strong lawyers in the firm, and making sure that everyone is as happy as they can be in their jobs.

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