Friday, March 23, 2007

Help Josh go to Law School

Here's a neat idea - sponsor a kid to go to law school for a 10 day trial run. That's the deal for a 14 year old British student who says "It's the chance of a lifetime and I've wanted to be a lawyer for as long a I can remember, maybe because I like arguing!"

I think it would be a really great thing if law schools themselves would sponsor law school demos. I have heard of programs where law students will go to high schools or junior highs and put on mock trials. But, I think it would be pretty cool if I had gotten the chance to sit in on some real law school classes. It would have really helped to guide my path towards the law. I probably would have become a lawyer a lot sooner than I did. Then again, I might have been really put off by the intensity of the experience. Worse, I may have experienced that awful property professor that I had in my first year of law school. That would have turned me off of post-secondary school altogether!


Davis said...

I have a daughter who has always been naturally talented at debate and logic, but she has never had the opportunity to examine law school or the career of lawyer. If you or anyone else knows if there is a way for her to become involved in a job shadow or the like, I would apreciate hearing from you. She is an adult now, so a high school program is no longer an option.

Anonymous said...

naturally talented at debate and logic? Does she have a DEGREE?

Just ship her off to Australia for a few years and save the $