Monday, December 04, 2006

The Tinkerbell Syndrome

You've got to check out Tinkerbell Syndrome - a relatively new blawg by Carissa Browning from Calgary. It is the freshest Canadian legal-related blog I have seen in a long time. Her recent posts are hilarious, in my opinion. Her latest is a parody on the Star Wars intro, poking fun at Property Law. Ahhh...I remember those days when I would day dream in Property Law. I don't remember anything about the law we were learning, but I do remember the day dreams...

Also, for those who are just embarking on their law school career/application, check out Law Target, a blog by Essien from Toronto. He is currently in the process of choosing which law school to go to (he was accepted by three, last count), and it will be interesting to see how his life progresses.

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