Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tony Merchant

You have got to read this article from Macleans Magazine September 4, 2006. I read it this morning over breakfast and almost lost the oatmeal in my mouth!

I had read some stuff on the internet about the Residential Schools class action lawsuit settlement, but I had no idea about the guy behind it all. I don't know whether to love or hate this man and the firm that he has built. I'm pretty sure that I lean towards the former. The man seems to be quite disgusting! I plan to rant about him in a few days, once the article has simmered in my mind a bit. In the meantime, please post your comments on this site, as I would love to hear some logical explanations for his lifestyle, his approach to the law, and his approach to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

I look forward to your comments.


Anonymous said...

Now I read (12 Dec 06)that he is taking on a class-action for the Agent Orange Vets. Sounds like he would be a wonderful (US) lawyer

ml johnstone said...

Why , at his age, would he need anymore money? And what does he do with it?

Anonymous said...

Not sure why you would toss your cornflakes?

Without Mr. Merchant's relentless work the residential school abuse would have been swept under the rug. Of course he will draw criticism but he also deserves praise...even if he is motivate by the awards.

This is exactly what being a lawyer is about.

Anonymous said...

you seriously think he is a good lawyer when he is just continuing the exploitation of the first nations people I mean seriously dont you have some other race to suck the life out of , the residential school incident was a genocide of my people not a money making scheme . I see this settlement as being more of a cheap assed band aid than a resolution

Anonymous said...

He's an uncoth -- white trash losser.

My GF works for him and has put up with him saying thing like "What is she stupid" about her and stuff because she was unable to serve him hand over foot...she should sue for his abussive behaviour towards his staff (not just her but apparently he treats all his employees like shit)

Anonymous said...

Tony Merchant and the entire Merchant Law Group have a big problem with integrity and credibility, both inside and outside the courts.

Agnes M. said...

Unfortunately, he is obsessed with money. (more now than ever before)There is never a "PRO BONO" break for anyone who cannot afford his fees. And yes, he still screams at his clients.
Rather it not?
He is now over 65 & not likely to change.
Agnes M.

Anonymous said...

This year in Saskatchewan, teachers cannot request funds from parents (thanks to a Tony Merchant lawsuit). Attempting to make pizza with my students and I can't ask for a toonie per kid to cover the costs. So now I have to ask for a food donation, how do you assign one kid to bring a $20 brick of cheese and another a $5 can of pineapple??? It's not fair. Once again, I will pay for it out of my pocket because I'm the one who has to deal with the disappointment, not him.