Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Theft of a website

I noticed that sales of my book had gone down significantly this last week. I was really curious as to why, as sales are usually pretty steady. Demand for the book has increased over the last number of months. So, I started poking around, and realized that www.canadalawstudent.ca was no longer up. Some jerk snagged the URL. The URL had been registered to my old U of A email, and I guess they sent the notification that the URL was going to expire to that email. Well, I guess someone was lurking, because if you go to www.canadalawstudent.ca, you will now find somebody else's content. Boy, did that make me angry! I'm not linking to it in this post, because I don't want to support that jerk.

www.canadalawstudent.ca was built as a resource for current and prospective law students. It has been enjoyed by many, and is bookmarked by a lot of people.

As such, I will be reposting the content of that site to another URL within a few days. Please have patience with me. In the meantime, if you want the book, please click here. Sorry for the inconvenience. I wish that I could take that pirate down, but it would seem that he has now legally purchased the domain name, and we are all stuck scrambling to find another home on the WWW.

On another note, I promise to post some new material over the next week, so stay posted.


jarvis666 said...

Sorry to hear you lost your site. I actually went there just now and it's actually pretty trashy. It's nothing more than just a bunch of useless links redirecting itself to more useless links. No insight, advice, etc...

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. What a jerk. So I guess your UofA email address expired?

I've always wondered why universities don't give students life-time email addresses. It's the cheapest way to maintain a relationship with alumni and the bandwidth/hardware costs are minimal. My UVic email account was deleted soon after I graduated. I was not impressed.

Adam Letourneau said...

I agree with you. It would be nice if you got a lifetime email address. I heard that you can get a lifetime alumni address, but I wonder if that's not just so that they can email you their fundraising parephenalia on a routine basis.

After the fact, I realize it was my fault for not keeping this changeover in mind.

I plan to repost the information from www.canadalawstudent.ca on this site, so that all can enjoy it.