Friday, March 10, 2006

Success Stories: Metamorphosis turns law student into actor

I read an interesting article in The Star about a fellow who found out very early on that law school wasn't for him. Instead, it was the stage. It is refreshing to hear about law students who are honest with themselves, and who don't drag themselves through the experience of law school, knowing that it will not lead them to happiness. Too often students force themselves through law school knowing in their heart that they will never love the law. I am not saying that you have to absolutely love the law. But, you certainly should not revile it either, as some of my classmates apparently did. I wonder how many unhappy lawyers would have had amazing careers if they had been more honest with themselves early on during law school. I have an uncle who worked in a rather large law firm for nearly 20 years, apparently hating it! He then finally made a rash decision and went to work somewhere else as an environmental lawyer. His schedule changed as well, and allowed him to explore his true love - acting. There is one truth out of all of this - be true to yourself - at every mile and at every intersection in life. Law school is not for everyone.

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