Friday, March 17, 2006

Law Eh? Law School in Canada - Second Edition

I have now started work on the 2nd edition of So, You Want to be a Lawyer, Eh? The title will be changed to Law Eh? Law School in Canada. Why? Because of the way in which search engines and online bookstore searches work. Changing the name will make the book more accessible to prospective and current Canadian law students. The new edition will be available in July/August 2006. I will keep you posted.

I am looking for feedback. What would you like included in the 2nd edition? Please leave your comments in the comments section, or give me an email.

Things that I will be adding are:

1. Words of Wisdom from more current and graduated law students from eastern (i.e. Ontario, Maritimes) law schools.

2. More information on alternative legal careers.

3. A section on what it is like to be a lawyer - i.e. why would I want to go into law school?

4. More commentary on the effects of rising tuition for law school.

5. I am also considering including a new law school ranking. However, this may be more useful to you as a separate publication. Let me know what would be better for you.

6. More information on attending law school in other jurisdictions and information on practicing in non-Canadian jurisdictions with a Canadian law degree.

7. An update on the J.D. / LL.B. debate.

8. More expansive commentary on what to expect during your articling year.

9. A new section on passing bar requirements / preparing for bar requirements.

10. New commentary on law school attitudes - how to really achieve success.

11. Updated entrance statistics from each law school in Canada.

12. More reviews of online resources and books about success in law school.

13. A panel of students from across Canada telling you, in their opinion, "what it really takes to succeed in law school".

14. A new section on "if I knew then what I know now" - how to avoid various pitfalls in law school...and beyond.

15. More sample resumes, statements of interest, and cover letters.

16. More detailed information on salary ranges at law firms across the country.

17. Continued commentary on what articling students and first year associates are being paid compared to how much they are working.

18. More information on what the various areas of law are really like - i.e. what do you do as a corporate lawyer, a criminal lawyer, a real estate lawyer, a family lawyer...

19. New information on law school scholarships.

20. How to win the CPLED game (for Western provinces).

If you would like to see the Table of Contents for the current edition, click here. It's packed full of information already, and you might find it useful, especially if you just found out that you are accepted to law school (congrats, by the way!).

We are also thinking about making the book available in Palm and MS Lit formats. Is this something you would be interested in?

Lastly, we are looking for a few graduates to add their Pearls of Wisdom to the book. This is your chance to really let the world know what you would have done differently, what you did to rock the world in law school, etc. Give me an email if you are interested. The book is currently available in print and as an eBook in PDF format.

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jarvis666 said...

I would like to recommend some sort of cultural diversity/perspective section. For example, like anecdotes, stories, etc... from people of different cultural backgrounds at law schools throughout Canada. For example, I find it very comforting and great about being so open as an aboriginal student at Dalhousie. The native student population is pretty large this year (whereas last year there were no new native students). What are African experiences like at U of T law school? Do Asians have different opinions about law school at UVic? Just a little first hand experience may be comforting for those who don't come from the majority. Just had to share that!