Monday, January 16, 2006

transmogriflaw and Anonymous Lawyer

I came across two very clever blawgs recently. The first, Anonymous Lawyer is by a recent Harvard graduate who is writing a book based upon his Anonymous Lawyer blog, it would seem. A cool idea. I wonder who his publisher is, because this I would imagine there would be a good market for this book, based on the number of lawyers and law students blogging these days. I plan to continue to read this blog to see what comes of it.

The other blawg I liked was transmogriflaw. I like it because it is funny. Not everyone is funny, but if you have the gift, I am always glad to see it being shared. I was especially amazed that transmogriflaw's law school does their exams on computers/laptops. Now that is interesting. I wonder if that is a help or a hindrance? I know that my wrist would have been very thankful for such a setup. However, how does her school account for those who can type faster than others? I bet a lot of her law school's students are wishing they had taken a typing class some time during law school!

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forsoothsayer said...

um, osgoode hall does its exams on comupters. i thought all of them did. vertical writing has never done it for me tho.