Thursday, January 26, 2006

Admissions: Law School Rankings

I just read the current issue of Canadian Lawyer Magazine, where they included the most recent Canadian Lawyer Magazine Canadian Law School Rankings.

1. Osgoode Halle Law School (York University)
2. University of Toronto
3. University of Victoria
4. University of Calgary
5. University of Windsor
6. McGill University
7. Dalhousie University
8. University of New Brunswick
9. University of Western Ontario
10. University of Alberta
11. Queen's University
12. University of Saskatchewan
13. University of Ottawa
14. University of Manitoba
15. University of British Columbia

Failed to make the grade: Universty of Quebec at Montreal, University of Sherbrooke, University of Laval, University of Moncton.

I indicated in a previous post that I will email you the Canadian Lawyer Law School Ranking results for the past 5 years. I have had some requests for this list. If you still want it, don't be shy - shoot me an email - adam dot letourneau@gmail dot com. I would put it up here, but the mag probably wouldn't be happy about it.

To shed some light on this particular ranking system, I notice that my Alma Mater, University of Alberta, is at #10 this year.
Two years ago, it was #11.
Three years ago, #3.
Four years ago, #2.

Take another example: This year's #1 school - Osgoode.
2004: #2.
2003: #12.
2002: #13 (last).
2001: #15 (last).

Isn't that amazing. A school can go from #2 to #10 in four short years. Another school can go from #15 (last) to #1 (first) in four short years.

As you can tell, I am a huge skeptic about these rankings, which are a product of student-only feedback. It is compiled from input from graduating or recently graduated students.

So, I think it is high time to get a proper ranking system out there, and I propose to do so. Please help me by providing some feedback into what information you would like to have included in the ranking system. I look forward to hearing your comments.

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Anonymous said...

Note that there was a mistake with UNB's ranking... they were given a B overall, but listed after schools with a B-, so they are actually 5th... i have heard that someone from the school has contacted Canadian Lawyer to correct the mistake