Saturday, December 10, 2005

How to avoid burnout in and after law school

1. Develop really good study habits in your undergrad years - these will help you to manage your time more wisely and to continue to practice consistency.

2. Be consistent. From the day that you begin studying for the LSAT until the day that you write your bar admission test or last CPLED assignment, practice consistency. The demands are just too big to procrastinate. Never put off for tomorrow what you can reasonably complete today.

3. Find a really good mentor or set of mentors. Be a loyal mentoree. Achieve a situation where you can call up your mentor without guilt.

4. Read this book (I sure wish that it was there when I went through law school) and read "Getting to Maybe" before you start law school. In fact, read every resource that you can get your hands on, for the LSAT, for law school success and for finding the job of your dreams.

More tips to follow on another day. Happy blawging.

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